Php manual string functions

<b>PHP</b> echo - <b>Manual</b>

PHP echo - Manual Warning This function was deprecated in PHP 4.3.0, and it and the entire orinal My SQL extension was removed in PHP 7.0.0. PHP Manual; Function Reference; Text Processing; Strings; String Functions; Change language Edit Report a Bug. echo PHP 4. echo 'This ', 'string ', 'was '.

<b>PHP</b> mysql_result - <b>Manual</b>

PHP mysql_result - Manual Instead, use either the actively developed My SQLi or PDO_My SQL extensions. PHP Manual; Function Reference. string mysql_result. The warning against mixing the use of mysql_result with other result set functions is a bit generic.

<b>PHP</b> GD and Image <b>Functions</b> - <b>Manual</b>

PHP GD and Image Functions - Manual See also the My SQL: choosing an API guide and its related FAQ entry for additional information. PHP Manual; Function Reference. GD and Image Functions Table of Contents. imagecreatefromstring — Create a new image from the image stream in the string;

<b>PHP</b> strstr - <b>Manual</b>

PHP strstr - Manual Alternatives to this function include: You can use this function safely with your My SQL database queries if and only if you are sure that your database connection is using ASCII, UTF-8, or ISO-8859-* and that the backslash is your database's escape character. Returns part of haystack string starting from and including the first occurrence of needle to the end of haystack. Note This function is case-sensitive.

<b>PHP</b> utf8_encode - <b>Manual</b>

PHP utf8_encode - Manual If you're not sure, then use mysqli_real_escape_string instead. This function converts the string data from the ISO-8859-1 encoding to UTF-8. Note Many web pages marked as using the ISO-8859-1 character encoding actually.

<em>PHP</em> substr_replace - <em>Manual</em>

PHP substr_replace - Manual This function is not safe to use on databases with multi-byte character sets. Php function RemoveChars $string, $chars. For more information on multibyte strings see add a note. String Funzioni.

<b>PHP</b> mysql_escape_string - <b>Manual</b>

PHP mysql_escape_string - Manual The only benefit of this function is that it does not require a database connection. Mysql_escape_string PHP 4 = 4.0.3, PHP 5 mysql_escape_string — Escapes a string for use in a mysql_query

<em>PHP</em> stripslashes - <em>Manual</em>

PHP stripslashes - Manual PHP Manual; Function Reference; Text Processing;. If you want to use stripslashes; function for a string or array you can create a user function as in example

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