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PHP str_pad - Manual - PHP Hypertext The only benefit of this function is that it does not require a database connection. Manuel PHP; Référence des. more robust multibyte version of str_pad that works correctly only if $pad_string is non-multibyte string function my_mb_str_pad.

PHP stripslashes - Manual Warning This function was deprecated in PHP 4.3.0, and it and the entire orinal My SQL extension was removed in PHP 7.0.0. PHP Manual; Function Reference; Text Processing;. If you want to use stripslashes; function for a string or array you can create a user function as in example

PHP mysql_result - Manual Instead, use either the actively developed My SQLi or PDO_My SQL extensions. PHP Manual; Function Reference. string mysql_result. The warning against mixing the use of mysql_result with other result set functions is a bit generic.

PHP addslashes - Manual If you're not sure, then use mysqli_real_escape_string instead. Never use addslashes function to escape values you are going to send to mysql. use mysql_real_escape_string or pg_escape at least if you are not using prepared.

PHP strstr - Manual This function is not safe to use on databases with multi-byte character sets. Returns part of haystack string starting from and including the first occurrence of needle to the end of haystack. Note This function is case-sensitive.

PHP mysql_escape_string - Manual See also the My SQL: choosing an API guide and its related FAQ entry for additional information. Mysql_escape_string PHP 4 = 4.0.3, PHP 5 mysql_escape_string — Escapes a string for use in a mysql_query

PHP echo - Manual Alternatives to this function include: You can use this function safely with your My SQL database queries if and only if you are sure that your database connection is using ASCII, UTF-8, or ISO-8859-* and that the backslash is your database's escape character. PHP Manual; Function Reference; Text Processing; Strings; String Functions; Change language Edit Report a Bug. echo PHP 4. echo 'This ', 'string ', 'was '.

PHP utf8_encode - Manual This function converts the string data from the ISO-8859-1 encoding to UTF-8. Note Many web pages marked as using the ISO-8859-1 character encoding actually.

PHP GD and Image Functions - Manual PHP Manual; Function Reference. GD and Image Functions Table of Contents. imagecreatefromstring — Create a new image from the image stream in the string;

PHP substr_replace - Manual Php function RemoveChars $string, $chars. For more information on multibyte strings see add a note. String Funzioni.

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